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The Difference Between Home Compostable And Compostable Packaging

In partnership with The Better Packaging Co. We are only too aware of the irreparable,…

Opinion: Black Friday SUCKS! Here’s Why It Must End! 🕳

Enough is enough.

Opinion: The New Plastics Economy May Be A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Opinion by Activist Céline Semaan Vernon.

Opinion: Zara Has The Technology To Be Transparent

Why aren’t they using this power for change?

local production
What Are The Benefits Of Local Production?

Roll your shirt up!

These Are The Most Eco-Friendly And Vegan Leather Alternatives

We love number 1

made in los angeles
Made in Los Angeles: Shocking Conditions For Garment Workers

Made in Los Angeles…. Yes, you can also find  bad working conditions in the garment…

vegan leather
Vegan Leather vs. Biodegradable Leather: Which Is The Winner?

As a crucial part of ethical living, have you ever thought of the larger impact…

Opinion: A Critical Review On ZARA´s And TOPSHOP´s Arrival In The Sustainable Fashion World

Brands such as ZARA and TOPSHOP are synonymous with the term ‘fast fashion’ and the…

Made In The USA: What Does It Mean vs. What It Might Convey?

According to Consumer Reports, almost 8 in 10 Americans say they would rather buy an…

supply chain mochni
Textile Supply Chain: Your T-shirt´s Journey

From seed to your closet

What is the Green Carpet Challenge?

The Green Carpet Challenge aims to convert sustainable fashion sceptics to the idea that the…

What Is An Ocean Dead Zone And Why Is The Fashion Industry A Contributor?

Let´s Honor And Respect The Ocean Today And Everyday! The ocean affects us all. 70%…

Cambodia Economy Garment Factory - Jun 2013
How Does Fast Fashion Relate to Climate Change?

Why worry about fashion? It doesn’t affect the environment. This is the number one misconception…

hm x kenzo
Globalization: Do You Know Where Your Clothes Are Made?

Labels use mass production techniques in order to keep costs low and shelves stocked. Ready-to-Wear…

Why You Should Never Ever Buy Angora Products

Angora has been very popular over the last few decades. This was due to its…

Toxic Fabrics: Are We Ignoring The Largest Organ In Our Body?

You probably wouldn’t be surprised to hear a friend talk about juicing, eating only organic…

Why We All Love GOTS Certified Organic Products

You may wonder: ‘what is GOTS?’ GOTS means Global Organic Textile Standard and it has…