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BLACK LIVES MATTER: A Letter From Our Founder 🖤

BLACK LIVES MATTER: A Letter From Our Founder 🖤

Antonia Böhlke

Dear MOCHNI- readers,

I wish that the lives of George Floyd, Ahmad Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and countless others would not be so brutally and inhumanly destroyed and ended (by police violence). It hurts me in my heart to have to write this. Police should protect everyone and not use their position of power to discriminate, harass, oppress, torture and even kill innocent black people because of racism. I wish the black community could move in peace and without worry and fear in their own country and any country they choose to live. But the reality is different and that has to stop. Activism is not easy. But to all white people: we have to educate ourselves, learn about the black slavery history, emotions, understand our white privilege and speak up for our black community whenever we can.


It is incomprehensible to me that it was necessary to share a video via social media in order to dare to speak our minds and be heard. What would have happened if there was no video? It was overdue that the world speaks up, acts and that thousands of peaceful protesters demand change.


I started MOCHNI in 2015 for the only reason: I don’t want to watch people being exploited for fashion, I want action. I want to educate and inspire customers to buy fashion from ethical fashion labels. You will find a good selection in our Ethical Brands A-Z List. Because (fast) fashion is mostly sewn by people under circumstances that don’t comply with human rights and most of them are black. Fashion companies promote modern day colonialism and they exploit people not only in developing countries. They advertise diversity in their fashion campaigns and lie to their customers.

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In 2016, we published: Is Fast Fashion Racist?
In 2017, we published: Is Fast Fashion Really Democratic Fashion?

And we will continue educating ourselves and our audience to demand change and act against racism, because:


Antonia Böhlke,
Founder + Editor-In-Chief

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