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Berlin´s First Fair Fashion Local Store Opens Ethical Online Shop

Berlin´s First Fair Fashion Local Store Opens Ethical Online Shop

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Back in 2009, Berlin’s very first fair fashion store Wertvoll opened its doors and it has grown from strength to strength ever since. The great News: While still a gorgeous Berlin boutique, Wertvoll now also exists as an online shop Wertvoll founder Judith handpicks her selection of products due to the brand’s transparency, authenticity, ethics, and sustainability. Values that are then passed onto her customers to help inform their choices. Founder Judith has had an extensive amount of experience in the fair fashion sphere and knows exactly what to look for and who to work with. By shopping with Wertvoll, you know you will be getting the best of the best from the world of fair fashion and slow fashion. Scroll through to read our interview with founder Judith.

Let’s start from the beginning. What was your inspiration to open your own local store Wertvoll in Berlin?

Beautiful fabrics, real craftsmanship and the love for the origin of things have interested me all my life.
Through my professional career within the fashion industry I quickly understood how arbitrarily we deal with textiles. How quickly and imprudently we consume, use and throw away things. The fashion industry has still not covered itself with fame, that shocked me then as now. I lacked a reference to the origin of clothing, the craftsmanship and the actual value behind it. It was a very big challenge for me to find and buy clothes that convinced me aesthetically and that I knew were made in an environmentally and human-friendly way.

I firmly believe that fashion should be fun and that it is important to take a closer look at textiles. So that we value them more we wear them longer. My will and my conviction that there must be fashion that not only looks good, but is also clean and transparent, made it valuable in 2009. Here I can pass on my enthusiasm for the right clothing to my customers first-hand on a daily basis.

Wertvoll is offering ethical brands to conscious consumers since 2009. From your experience, have customers changed in this time period? If yes, how so?

Our customers come to us from the very beginning because they like the choice we make and because my team and I personally take time for each customer. We know what we sell because we all know the makers of our brands personally and can thus provide information about our products accordingly. So that the purchases become favourites for many years, the advice not only includes style and fit, but also care and washing instructions. This service is highly appreciated by our customers and is a lasting source of enthusiasm for our valuable fashion. Through this personal and individual shopping experience we create the greatest incentive for our customers.

We notice an influx right from the start. It has become important for customers to consume more consciously. It feels more natural today and the consumer choose where to shop carefully. Most of them start to shop consciously through nutrition. If you start consuming organic food, the next step is to know that most toxins are absorbed through the skin. This is the moment when you think about clothes and their origin. We live here in a world where we have no shortage. We can decide for ourselves what we buy and also where. Our customers know where to find us and that what they find with us is beautiful AND good.

We are looking for brands that are natural and contemporary.

Based on which criteria, how do you select brands to be sold at Wertvoll?

We want to know the makers of a brand, the authentic story behind the brand. The personality and transparency that we gain through this determines our selection and our cooperation.
The collections we select from are based on textiles that are unique in their craftsmanship and the use of environmentally friendly and human-friendly materials.
Quality, fit and design are crucial. We are looking for brands that are natural and contemporary. Our assortment for men and women is hand-picked and ranges from clothing, accessories, shoes and bags to jewellery.

Since you pride yourself in making your store as eco-friendly and zero-waste as possible, is there the possibility in the future of offering Zerowaste beauty in your store?

Beauty products are not yet part of our assortment. Nevertheless, we have often had small pop-up events with cosmetic companies in our shop…So I’ll say, maybe – you should never say… never -)

Are there any fun and interesting events planned for this year?

We have regular events in the shop, mostly these are regular customers events like small sale events, pre-sneak events or simply familiar get-togethers. At the moment, however, we still have our hands full with our new online shop. 🙂 If you are interested in our events, please follow us on the social networks or register for our newsletter in our shop.

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Wertvoll Store, Prenzlauer Berg
Marienburger Strasse 39
10405 Berlin
Mo-Fr 10:00 – 19:00 Uhr
Sa 11:00 – 19:00 Uhr
Online Shop:

PROMO CODE: Use code MOCHNILOVE for 10% off on your order over 100€ (only online).

Credits: Intro text by Rachael Hamann. Interview by MOCHNI. Photos by Wertvoll.
In cooperation with Wertvoll.

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