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Marin et Marine: Local Production in Germany

Marin et Marine: Local Production in Germany

organic cotton bag by marin et marine berlin mochni

organic cotton bag by marin et marine berlin mochni

The young sea sac label Marin et Marine was established in 2013 by Caroline and Valérie in Berlin. The typical model is at the moment a classic sea sac, made into something fashionable. The bags come in various colors made out of fabrics like organic cotton, wool and leather from france. We got the chance to meet the two siblings in their head office in Berlin-Kreuzberg and talked about their local production in Germany. Scroll through to read the full interview and see photos of their factories.

Mochni Marin et Marine Organic Cotton Sea Sac Factory Germany
Photo: Marin et Marine


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Marin et Marine sounds french already…

Marin et Marine: “We are both half French [Caroline and Valérie are twins, 29] and since we can remember we’ve spent our summers with our families at the French coast in Brittany. The beach and the sea are a part of us since childhood. „A sea bag“ is in French „sac marin“. Marine is the second first name of Caroline. This is how and why the name of the label MARIN ET MARINE was created. We share our work. Caroline is graphic designer and Valerie is product designer. Caroline-Marine is thus responsible for the corporate identity and drawings for MARIN et MARINE. Valérie is responsible for the colours and materials for the label.”

Where are your bags sewn and which raw materials do you use?

Marin et Marine: “One of our largest demands is a fair and local production. There are many reasons to produce in Germany. On the one hand, to oversee the whole production process better – and on the other hand, to shorten the chain of production, and to try and reduce the environmental damages.
We work with small, independent companies and combine design with traditional fabrication. We exclusively use German bio-cotton. The leather comes from European cows and is tanned in eco-friendly tanneries. The virgin wool comes from sheep of the oldest traditional producer in Germany.”

Mochni Sewing Studio Berlin Marin et Marine
Handcrafted Factory Work Berlin

Mochni Colors Marin et Marine Factory Germany
Photo: Marin et Marine


Organic Cotton Bag handcrafted in Germany Marin et Marine Mochni

Organic Cotton Bag handcrafted in Germany Marin et Marine Mochni

What inspired those great colours?

Marin et Marine: “We are inspired by the life at the seaside, travels and everything we grasp in our everyday life in Berlin. The fabrics are coloured professionally, this is how they get their unique colours and nuances – the typical MARIN ET MARINE pastel colours.”

Do you have an example in bag design you are following?

Marin et Marine: “The label Mansur Gavriel is an inspiration for us. Both those women, one from the USA and one from Germany, have accomplished to build a high quality label with style – within very little time.”

What does „the outfit“ with one of your sea sacs look like?

Marin et Marine: “A pair of jeans, striped pullover, wooly cap and off you go to the beach.”

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Mochni Plant in Office Local Production Berlin

Mochni Materials in Bag Factory Germany

Mochni Organic Cotton Bag Factory Germany

What are your future goals with Marin et Marine and what further aspects could you improve in terms of sustainability?

Marin et Marine: “There’s always something you can improve in terms of sustainability. We try to obtain from plastic packaging all together. We are planning to include som further, more extravagant materials. This autumn we have a collaboration with the label DOIMOI. Something we’ve never done before. So, you can stay tuned! Also, there’s going to be a new bag model, something chic for the evening.”

Founder of Marin et Marine Berlin

Mochni Sustainable Packaging Marin et Marine
Eco Friendly Packaging Organic Cotton Mochni


Organic Cotton Bag handcrafted in Germany Marin et Marine Mochni

Marin et Marine Organic Cotton Bag Mint

Photos: Antonia Böhlke
Translation: Ann Cathrin Schönrock

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