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Whitetail: A Sustainable Fashion Brand From Finland

Whitetail: A Sustainable Fashion Brand From Finland

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I met the finnish Designer Margit Peura in Berlin during her preperations for the Winter 2016-17 presentation. Following the presentation during Berlin Fashion Week I asked Whitetail designer Margit Peura some questions about her sustainable fashion brand and why she has chosen Berlin for the presentation. Scroll through to read the full interview with Margit Peura and get inspired by the backstage impressions and the collection preview of Winter 2016-17.

What motivated you to start your own fashion label?

Desire to create something and at the same time not being able to find clothes, that would
have good design, ethical production and sustainable materials all in one.

Your upcoming Winter 2016-17 collection is very beautiful. What kind of fabric did you use?

All fabrics are organic, I have only used GOTS certified organic wool and organic silk
fabrics. Knitwear is made of Peruvian alpaca wool.

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You act consciously regarding your ethical and sustainable production. Tell me about
your terms.

We only produce in places, where we can trust the working conditions being good and
workers are getting fair salary for their work. Until now we have only produced in Estonia.
And since Estonia is very close to Finland, it allows us to follow the production much more
closely. The same principles are taken into consideration when picking the fabrics.
Our aim is to only use fabrics, that have trustful eco-certification (GOTS, IVN). If we decide
to use something else, we consider long and hard all aspects – producer, origin of the raw
material, production process – and decide to use the material if it indeed fills all important
criteria for us. For example Tencel does not have GOTS certification, but it is a sustainable
Alpaca has been in our collections from the beginning, because of its great qualities and
sustainable background – alpacas run freely in Peruvian Andes.

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Why did you present your collection at Berlin Fashionweek and not in Copenhagen or
Stockholm, where the sustainability thought is much bigger already?

We love the vibe of Berlin, it is young , lively, artistic, free. We have shown our collections
in Berlin two times before and have always got very warm welcome so we decided to
continue, to have a kind of base in Germany. German market is also much bigger than
Sweden and Denmark.

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Are you interested in creating accessories, too? In case yes, would you use leather?

Yes, in the future I am also interested in creating accessories. I am not vegan so I am not
against leather, but it should be a byproduct of food industry from organic farming. In our
first collection we used reindeer leather, that is produced in Finland, where reindeer run
freely and their meat is eaten, so I do not see a conflict there. I am very interested in using
fish leather, that is also a byproduct of food industry.

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What´s your plan for the future?

To grow steadily. We would also like to launch a mens line in near future.

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Photos: Antonia Leoni

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