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Baby It´s Weekend: Time To Get Your Knit On!

Baby It´s Weekend: Time To Get Your Knit On!

Illustration by Lianne Middeldorp

It is getting colder outside and the weekend is ahead. So this is the perfect time for enjoying a cozy afternoon with a cup of almond cappuccino and gluten/sugar-free Macarons and getting your knit on. How nice is it to wear your own unique handmade accessories for winter? Why would you buy an overload of the knits provided in stores if you can actually make it yourself? Sounds difficult? It is not, easy does it. Just get your needles, pick the perfect yarn and start knitting your own headband! This DIY headband manual is perfect for both beginners and more advanced knitters.

Your Knitting Necessities:

1. Bamboo Knitting Needles: Take size 10 for a chunky knit or smaller needles for a more sophisticated look and feel.

2. Eco Yarn: Use for example hemp yarns, organic wool or used yarn from the textile industry. Just pick a color you love and that goes well with your winter wardrobe. Make sure the size of the yarn matches the size of your needles.

3. Darning Needle

Start Knitting:

Now you have all your knitting supplies, it is time to start knitting your headband! Follow the steps below:

1. Casting On

If you are using yarn and needles size 10mm, make sure you will set up about 8 stitches on your needle, this equals +/- 15 cm. Always do a small tryout, some of us are knitting ‘loose’, others are ‘thight’ knitters.

2. The Knitting

For this knitting pattern for beginners, we only use the 1 knit stitch (regular stitch), but more advanced knitters can vary with different stitches.
Keep on knitting your rows. The length of your knit for the headband depends on the size of your head minus 5 cm. Usually, the length will be around 40-50 cm. If you are not sure about the length you can measure the diameter of your head or try it on while knitting (be careful). Most yarns will stretch a bit so make sure you don’t make your headband too wide.

3. Casting Off

When your headband is the desired length, it is time to cast off your knitting project. If you don’t know how to do this, please check a tutorial clip online.

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4. Finish: Closing Seam

Leave some extra yarn and use your darning needle to eliminate the loose ends of your knitting work. At the same time, put both ends together with a regular stitch.

Done! Your DIY Headband Is A Fact 🙂

It is a wrap! You just made your own knitted headband in a garter stitch! If you are up for another challenge you can now experiment with different stitches in your next project. By knitting your own winter accessories with eco yarns you do not only contribute to a better world, but it is also a lot of fun to do. At last, it is a great feeling when people start making compliments about your own knitted fashion must-haves!

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