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Alpaca Knitwear Label LN KNITS: Designed In Antwerp, Made In Peru

Alpaca Knitwear Label LN KNITS: Designed In Antwerp, Made In Peru

alpaca knitwear ln knits

LN KNITS is our sponsoring partner of CONSCIOUS LOFT BERLIN.

Let us introduce you to the Belgian Alpaca knitwear label LN KNITS. We’ve been fans for a while now and are happy to announce that LN KNITS will be our sponsoring partner for our upcoming event CONSCIOUS LOFT during Berlin Fashion Week. We will be showcasing our favorite LN KNITS winter 18/19 pieces that are on sale. At our event in Berlin, you can discover the pieces and shop them directly via iPad with the help of our professional style consultation. Now, get a picture of the Antwerp-based Alpaca knitwear label below.

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alpaca wool ln knits

alpaca wool ln knits

Every item comes in various colors and stylish cuts and is 100% made from one of the softest, most delicate and greenest fibers on earth: baby alpaca wool.

LN KNITS Founder Ellen Pulls It Off

It all started more than 10 years ago when LN KNITS founder Ellen Kegels decided to knit beanies for her family, friends and herself. Now she wears her Alpaca knitwear pieces, which include more than just beanies, with pride. Pictures of Ellen being wrapped up in large scarves, taking mirror selfies in pretty sweaters or showing off her baby belly in comfy dresses are all over her Instagram @lnknits. We find it authentic how she combines her own pieces and makes them a fashion statement. Here are some of her coolest looks. We absolutely love the yellow pieces 💛💛💛.

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Ethical Production in Peru

In search of the highest quality fabrics, Ellen had to climb high. Because the baby Alpaca wool LN KNITS comes from Alpacas that live in the Peruvian Andes at an altitude of 3500m to 5000m above sea level. Not only the animals but also the workers are happy here. Child labor, human exploitation or bad working conditions? – No, thank you. Every LN KNITS piece is hand-knitted by talented Peruvian ladies under the best human conditions. In order to support their families, the women earn a fair & steady income. LN KNITS also created a daily childcare facility so that all moms can be reassured that their children are taken care of while making these beautiful cardigans, winter accessories, dresses and more. Have a look at these photos. We think that they speak for themselves.

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alpaca wool ln knits
LN KNITS founder Ellen holding an Alpaca baby in the Peruvian Andes.

alpaca wool ln knits

alpaca wool ln knits

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