Our Mission

MOCHNI is a daily online destination and an international hub across Europe, the USA and Australia aimed at millennial women who want to support an ethical future of fashion and consumerism. Striving for transparency, we want to be the most ethical source which allows readers to access reliable knowledge and recommendations through our stories and our Ethical Brand Guide directory. Since our launch in November 2015, the site has grown very quickly. Every month, we love to inspire tens of thousands of readers with our original content by answering questions and providing guides on ethical fashion, clean beauty and conscious living. We offer exclusive interviews with the most influential and sustainable people of our time as well as founders and leaders who offer a transparent insight into their products and the world’s most responsible companies. In addition, we regularly report on eco travel and write on topics such as wellness and a sustainable lifestyle. We only feature brands that act in a clearly transparent, ethical manner and are geared towards environmentally friendly behaviour in their supply chain. We trust in the philosophy and honest communication of every brand. Our eco-friendly office headquarter and photo studio is based in Hamburg, Germany. We welcome you to pop by or to meet us at one of the many events for sustainability in fashion worldwide. Contact us.

Responsibilities brands should consider:

1. Uphold Human Rights
Ensure Healthy + Safe + Fair Working Conditions.

2. Protect The Nature
Use Non-Toxic, Organic, Animal- Friendly And Natural Resources.

3. Act Climate-Friendly
Save Energy. Use Renewable Energy. Save Water. Produce Locally. Cause Less Waste.

4. Reuse
Use Recyclable Materials. Recycle. Upcycle.

5. Support The Culture
Support local Traditions & Communities, Democratic Politics, and Education in Developing Countries.


Education is the basis for changing the fashion industry. That’s why we are currently setting up two different local courses (Ethical Fashion Basics and Ethical Fashion Blogging) catering to consumers, media, students and everyone who wants to learn the basics in ethical fashion and wants to revolutionize the industry. The courses will take place in capitals and bigger cities in modern and sustainable meeting rooms of eco hotels or similar. We love local offline gatherings because exchanging face to face strengthens the community, empowers and promotes change. You will be able to book the courses online through MOCHNI. Details on prices, locations and program will be coming soon.


Antonia Leonie Böhlke, born in Hamburg, Germany in 1986, is the creator of MOCHNI. Prior to the launch of MOCHNI, Antonia studied Fashion- and Textile Management & Culture- and Media Management in Germany. She gained practical experience in the diversity of the fashion and media industry in the past 15 years which is a major value to understand the manufacturing process, the supply chain, and the purpose behind the fashion labels. Due to her creative ambitions in photography, creative direction, and handicraft, it evolved naturally that she started producing inspiring content for MOCHNI. Read an interview with Antonia, here.