In 2015, we launched MOCHNI as one of the first international platforms that made fair and sustainable fashion brands COOL! We have a special heart to support the garment workers and small businesses by helping you find sustainable + fair trade products from the most responsible brands around the world so you can make purchasing decisions based on your values. We create fresh and easy-to-understand original content by answering questions about responsible fashion, ethics and sustainability. In our stories, we introduce founders and designers who give a transparent insight behind their products and companies.

The name MOCHNI is a Native American name with the meaning: Talking bird. The CH is pronounced like a K. With great respect and appreciation we are inspired by the incredible artistry and spirit of the Native Americans and their culture.


Truly fair trade and sustainable fashion is not easy to recognize in a world of trendy greenwashing these days. That’s why we present you a trustworthy selection of responsible small fashion brands that provide us with transparent informational about their production, materials and eco-friendly practices. Together with top experts from the industry, we educate you about sustainability, human rights and culture in fashion.


True beauty comes from within and our well-being. Self-love means that we like to take care of ourselves and take care of our skin, body and hair, thus emphasizing our individual beauty in the most natural way. We are working with experts to introduce you to sustainable products with clean ingredients that are safe for you and for the animals and that protect the environment.


COVID has changed many of our private and professional lives, so it is more important than ever to take care of our body and soul. Together with expert advice we help you to understand and discover what makes you feel good and how you can realize yourself. We introduce you to holistic products such as adaptogens or CBD, techniques (meditation, breathing, …) that reduce stress and anxiety, and practices that help to reflect.


COVID-19 forces some health care systems to decide who lives and who dies because treatment capacities are limited. It shows above all how privileged people have more opportunities and unjustly unprivileged people have fewer. This social injustice must stop! Without social justice, there is no climate justice! We want justice, fairness and respect for all races, ethnic groups, genders and sexual orientations and we are here to educate you. We help you make purchasing decisions based on your values and present fair trade and sustainable lifestyle brands and products that make your household (e.g. washing, cleaning, furnishing) and your everyday life more environmentally friendly. You also can help us to support the small businesses and local hot spots in your region (you can find them under Travel).


We love people. We want to give different people a place where they can share their voice and their personal story. In this way we can inspire, motivate and support each other and build communities that drive change.



In 2021, we will bring our entertaining, educational and fun space to your home wherever you are in the world. There will be live sessions, master-classes, talks, shopping consultation (with plenty of discounts), goodies, and networking, all focused on fair and eco fashion, natural beauty, wellbeing, food and eco-friendly living, hosted by our favorite experts worldwide. Learn more.


We are currently working on MOCHNI+ a people directory which helps you to search for like-minded people from your region. You will be able to sign up for free here soon.



ECO ALPHABET will be our sister site where you can search, filter and explore eco fashion brands based on your exact values. Brands can register and create their own profile. Coming soon at ecoalphabet.com.




1. Uphold Human Rights
Ensure healthy + safe + fair working conditions.

2. Protect The Nature
Use non-toxic and animal- friendly resources. Use organic and natural resources responsibly.

3. Act Climate-Friendly
Save energy. Use renewable energy. Save water. Produce locally. Cause less waste.

4. Reuse
Use recyclable and renewable materials. Recycle. Upcycle. Support a circular economy.

5. Support Culture
Support local traditions & communities, democratic politics, and education in developing countries.

6. Transparency & Accountability
Provide transparent insights into your company and supply chain. Expect the same from your suppliers. Choose certified suppliers and factories whenever possible.