Founded in 2015, MOCHNI is the global ethical media and community platform for ethical brands and conscious people. With 250.000 readers yearly, we inspire, educate and entertain our audience to live consciously and shop responsibly. We create fresh, stylish, easy to understand, original content by answering questions about responsible fashion, sustainability, human rights and by giving product tips of the most ethical brands around the world. In our stories, we feature founders and designers who offer a transparent insight behind their products and companies. In addition, our audience find real talks with diverse and consciously living people of our zeitgeist. We only feature a brand or person that clearly acts in a transparent, ethical manner and is geared towards environmentally friendly behavior. We trust in the philosophy and honest communication of each brand. For more details, check our editorial policy. Our office is currently based in Hamburg, Germany.

The name MOCHNI is a Native American name with the meaning: Talking bird. The `CH´ is pronounced like a `K´.


We will soon launch MOCHNI+, a free login area where our global ethical community members can search for and connect to like-minded conscious people all over the world.


We recently started our event series CONSCIOUS LOFT with the aim to connect conscious brands and customers through cozy, intimate events. We offer retail, talks, networking and entertaining experiences to provide an educational, fun space that connects experts and potential costumers in one place. We will soon be bringing our entertaining, educational and fun space to your home wherever you are in the world.


Our Ethical Brand Guide A-Z is intended to be made only for ethical brands which meet our criteria. Our ethical criteria are focused on the manufacturing process (i.a. CUT-MAKE-TRIM stage in the fashion industry) which is the most labor-intensive part of the production process. Products of the brand must be developed under the brand´s own monitoring and/or the brand must have a direct contract with the producer/factory. Ethical means, that the brand´s products should be manufactured under good working conditions whether the manufacturing process takes place in a “developed economies” or “developing economies”. Manufacturing which takes place in a “developing economy” should support traditional crafts and communities and should be improved by a third-party organization. Manufacturing in a “least developed countries” is not permitted under no circumstances. Good working conditions follow practices from internationally recognized Standards of the ILO International Labour Organisation:

1. Employment is freely chosen
2. No discrimination
3. No child labor
4. Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining
5. Payment of Living Wage
6. Reasonable Hours of Work
7. Safe and Healthy working conditions
8. Legally Binding employment relationship


1. Uphold Human Rights
Ensure healthy + safe + fair working conditions.

2. Protect The Nature
Use non-toxic and animal- friendly resources. Use organic and natural resources responsibly.

3. Act Climate-Friendly
Save energy. Use renewable energy. Save water. Produce locally. Cause less waste.

4. Reuse
Use recyclable and renewable materials. Recycle. Upcycle. Support a circular economy.

5. Support The Culture
Support local traditions & communities, democratic politics, and education in developing countries.

6. Transparency
Provide transparent insights into your company and supply chain. Expect the same from your suppliers. Choose certified suppliers and factories whenever possible.

If you have any other questions, please contact us.