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6 Questions To Wolfgang Lederhaas And His Eco-Luxury Cosmetic Brand

6 Questions To Wolfgang Lederhaas And His Eco-Luxury Cosmetic Brand

Lederhaas organic soap
Wolfgang Lederhaas, Founder of Lederhaas Organic Cosmetics. Photo: © Marc Glassner
Wolfgang Lederhaas, Founder of Lederhaas Organic Cosmetics. Photo: © Marc Glassner

1. How did you start to build your eco-luxury cosmetic brand LEDERHAAS?

My background is in literature and philosophy, but I gave up my academic career with my path leading me from the study room into the realms of the cosmetics business world. My passion has always been to discover the various facets of life and I am deeply inspired by the „Renaissance man“ who is knowledgeable and creative in a wide range of fields, both, in the world of science as well as the world of art. After studies in philosophy, psychology and German literature and a classical vocal education I worked as the assistant of the director of the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna, but then turned to studies again: pharmacy, cosmetology and also aromatherapy. And in 2011 I founded the Viennese manufacture and eco-luxury brand LEDERHAAS Organic Skincare.

2. What is your motivation and mission behind the brand?

My motivation is to combine nature with the rich and suggestive world of culture. For me, nature is a master, a designer and an amazing architect of beauty. Nature is teaching me to develop and create functional, sophisticated organic cosmetics with the components from the kingdoms of nature: Organic cosmetics which meets highest standards of purity and effectiveness. We all bear responsibility for nature, for our human (and animal) fellows, and for our environment. Therefore sustainability in all aspects of business is an important premise for LEDERHAAS. For LEDERHAAS Organic skincare we combine our plant knowledge on bioactive natural ingredients with state-of-the-art formulations, luxurious textures and sophisticated scents. Our cosmetic products are much more than everyday objects. At LEDERHAAS we want to devote to them the beauty and dignity they deserve.

Lederhaas organic soap
Photo: © Christoph Liebentritt

3. What kind of ingredients do you use? Are they certified?

LEDERHAAS Organic Skincare is certified organic premium cosmetic, certified by Austria Bio Garantie. Our organic skincare products are based on 100% pure and natural plant ingredients as well as on premium natural ingredients (food grade quality, gourmet ingredients) obtained from organic cultivation projects, Demeter projects or wild harvested: pure essential oils, plant extracts, cold-pressed base oils, fresh aloe vera plant juice, etc. Ingredients like shea butter or coconut oil come from Fair Trade projects, local production or small organic cooperatives. We do not use any synthetic scents, preservatives, colorants, parabens, silicones or petrochemicals, and we refrain from any animal testing. Our natural preservation systems are based exclusively on plant-based ingredients like organic alcohol and essential oils.

aloe vera organic soap lederhaas mochni
Frankincense – Hand & Body Wash.
organic beauty soap mochni
Soap Bar N°2 Mint.
peppermint organic beauty
Soap Bar N°2 Mint.
salty peeling lederhaas organic beauty
Soft Peeling Soap.

4. In which way does Lederhaas differ from other organic skincare?

LEDERHAAS Organic Skincare is advanced organic skincare, which is premium organic cosmetics with organic certification. And it demands highest levels of performance, quality, and purity. All formulations have been developed by us, they do not come from a contract manufacturer. LEDERHAAS is a unisex brand, and therefore also raises the interest of male customers for organic skincare. LEDERHAAS Organic Skincare combines scent design and aromatherapy, offering natural and sophisticated scents. We refrain from mainstream scents and love to elaborate our scent formulations from nature´s fragrant treasure trove. We extend the principle of sustainability with the dimension of aesthetics. For LEDERHAAS the ecological, economic, social, and aesthetic aspects are parts of the same picture – because good design unites the good with the beautiful.

5. Is your packaging eco-friendly?

All of our packaging is recyclable, from the PE bottles of our Wash and Spray to the cardboard boxes of the Peeling Soaps and the fine papers of the handmade soaps as well as the glass bottles of the natural scent compositions.

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6. What is your goal within the next years?

Value-based consumption is gaining more and more importance in our modern world. The benefits of true organic cosmetics are efficacy and health, and for LEDERHAAS an additional benefit is also creating a connection with nature´s inspiration and poetry. With our editions (BOTANICAL EDITION, ROCK SALT EDITION, ART EDITION) we want to inspire and connect people with premium organic cosmetics and delight them with the performance and exquisite textures and scents of our LEDERHAAS skincare products.



In Austria
LEDERHAAS Organic Skincare products are available in perfumeries (Nägele & Strubell), selected beauty stores (Kussmund, Cosmothecary Saint Charles, Haut und Seele, stattGarten) and concept stores (fünf!).

In Germany

Concept store ANDREAS MURKUDIS, Berlin, breathe – fresh cosmetics, Berlin, TOBS – the organic beauty store, Munich.

And online at

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