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5 Reasons Why Buying Followers On Instagram Is Not Ethical

5 Reasons Why Buying Followers On Instagram Is Not Ethical

buying instagram followers not ethical

Tell me one reason why you want to buy followers? So it seems so important to you that you need these followers for something. Who exactly does it matter that you have so many followers? Is it really just the number of followers that are important to that person? Or do you think that this person also pays attention to the photo likes, too? Nice, you can also buy those likes. And what about the comments? You also want to buy them? Everything works today. But read further for 5 reasons why you should NOT buy followers on Instagram as it is NOT ethical at all. 

1. If You Buy Followers: It Is Selfish And Does Not Make You Happy.

When you buy followers on Instagram or any other social network, you should consider the fact that you are running your account with a false feeling all the time. You feel dishonest to be or actually to act “more successful”. But for whom do you want this fake success? It’s so superficial that it can’t have any honest success in the long run. And this selfish behavior and dishonest feeling cannot make you happy.

2. If You Buy Followers: It Is Not Fair To Ethical Brands.

We all fight very hard for transparency in the fashion and beauty industry and other areas and we expect brands to act ethically and communicate honestly and transparently with us. Right? But how can one expect this from companies if one is not honest and communicates with false information. Especially for us as publications it is important to be honest, because we want to help the brands to be discovered. But you can’t help the brands with bought followers because the fake followers are either dead accounts or not at all interested in what you share. If you also earn money with your fake account and offer ethical brands instagram publishing service, go back to point 1 and reconsider. The ethical brands usually have hardly any marketing budget themselves and want to invest it sensibly. The brands want to attract brand attention and hope that if they invest the money in your service, you can help them.

3. If You Buy Followers: It Is Not Fair To Colleagues & Competitors.

Only you alone and then with fake followers definitely can’t save the world. If you really believe that, go back to number 1 and reconsider. It’s not only hard for you to generate real followers, but for everyone out there. Everyone has the same chances of building their Instagram account from scratch. The key to success is to be authentic, real and creative but not lazy and unimaginative and to buy followers. If you walk that cheap way and then earn money with it as described in number 2, it is super unfair to your competitors who have worked hard to build followers and a community and wish to work successfully and honestly with those ethical brands you lie to.

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4. If You Buy Followers: You Can´t Offer Good Services To Your Clients.

If you buy followers on Instagram, it just shows that you don’t know anything about this platform. Since you can’t analyze numbers with bought followers, you can’t say anything about your target group. And if you don’t even know that you can easily recognize bought followers, then it’s really just sad and shows that you’re not familiar with this social network. In summary: You clearly can’t offer a service and advice for brands without knowledge. And every top blogger and media should be able to offer this service to their clients.

5. If You Buy Followers: It’s Bad For Your Brand Reputation.

Buying followers is bad for your brand reputation because the truth always comes out somehow. Your real followers will never forget it, even if you have proclaimed it yourself and regret it. Especially don’t blog about it just because you think it attracts readers. Delete rather your fake followers if you already bought some and never think about buying followers again. Because it’s hard to rebuild trust. Always remember: The most important and the key to success is to build trust in your brand.

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