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4 Reasons for a Twinning Outfit with Your Daughter

4 Reasons for a Twinning Outfit with Your Daughter

twinning outfit for mother and daughter by maas natur mochni

We shot this adorable couple in the city centre of Hamburg. Baby Isabella and Louisa playing mother and daughter in this story. They are wearing outfits by Maas Natur combined with Kings of Indigo Jeans and Louisa is wearing chromefree Nine to Five shoes. Scroll through to read the 4 reasons why you have to have at least one twinning outfit with your daughter.

twinning mother daughter outfit wool eco friendly fashion by maas natur mochni

The mother is wearing a doubleface jacket made from new wool loden. It looks more like a hoodie jacket than like a real winter jacket but it is incredibly warm, because there is no chance for wind. The baby jacket is made from the same material. Baby Isabella covers her neck, head and hands with soft fleece accessoires: a red scarf, white hat and white mittens. Louisa prepares against the cold with a ripped new wool beanie, a scarf and light grey wool loden mittens. All wool items are from Maas Natur. Isabella is wearing a cool blue organic cotton jeans by Kings of Indigo and Louisa is wearing a pair of similar jeans. Isabella wears warm and comfy pink baby shoes and Louisa matches with her pink low cut booties by Nine to Five.

1. The mini- me version is too cute.

red coat wool outfit for winter mochni Like mother like daughter. Looking at a mini- me version feels like cuteness overload, doesn´t it? Not only you as amother but for the other people, too 🙂 . So keep matching your outfits, please!

2. Matching outfits save time.

mother daughter twinning outfit red coat maas natur mochni
twinning mother daughter outfit in maas natur mochni

Hey, you only need to think about styling the outfit once. Just buy the same for your daughter and you make sure she looks stylish, too.

3. Set a double style statement.

sustainable fashion red coat by maas natur mochni
If you like a style you can set this style statement twice. It looks so fashionable and you are happy to see the style not only on yourself.

4.No age needed.

mother daughter twinning outfit koi winter outfit maas natur mochni
mother daughter twinning outfit red coat maas natur mochni

The age is not important when it comes to a timeless fashion outfit. Proof this truth and show us your twinning look with your adorable daughter.

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mother daughter twinning outfit in hamburg mochni

In cooperation with Maas Natur.

Photographer & Producer: Antonia Böhlke, Models: Louisa (Body & Soul), Baby Model: Isabella (Sonntagskinder), Hair & Make Up: Melissa Komma