3 Sparkling And Biodegradable Glitter Looks For New Year´s Eve

Have you heard of biodegradable glitter? It is the most sustainable alternative to conventional glitter because it is made from a natural plant-based film (cellulose) instead of PET. If you want to know more about what it makes sustainable, read more here. You can shop the eco glitter at projektglitter.com. 

The eco glitter is available in nearly every color and it is much fun to play around with them and create different Makeup looks. Scroll further to be inspired by some of our creations and enjoy your sustainable sparkling look at New Year´s Eve.

Look 1:

new years organic glitter makeup_2

Photo and Production: MOCHNI, Model: Jayda Algan

We used one of the Gel Glitters which comes in a 4-pack for €23. It is super easy to apply and dries quickly. Just apply the glitter with your fingers or a brush on your eye lid as a shadow all over. It is the extra sparkle for your eye contact.

Look 2:

new years organic glitter makeup

Photo and Production: MOCHNI, Model: Jayda Algan

For this look, we used the Pink Parade Glitter for 5,50€. Make sure, you fix it with some natural balm because it is a loose glitter without the gel. We created a thick pink eye liner and put some silver highlights (from the OCEAN Glitter Pack for 18€) on one cheek bone.

Look 3:

new years organic glitter makeup_3

Photo and Production: MOCHNI, Model: Jayda Algan

Again, we used one of the Gel Glitters. We loved to use the glitter on lips instead of a lip gloss. Make sure you re-apply it after dinner and don´t kiss ;).

In cooperation with Projektglitter.com.