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12 Facts How To Run An Ethical Instagram Account

12 Facts How To Run An Ethical Instagram Account

If you want to be successful on Instagram and to build a genuine community, follow our tips below. And of course our account: @mochni_com so you never miss anything.

1. First, know your audience

Define your audience and niche. What are you standing for? Politically? Aesthetically? If you do not know your conscious audience, how can you build trust? Do not sell them for stupid. Although they love to learn, they know sustainability and ethics very well.

2. Create a natural, unique look

Most conscious readers do not like heavily edited images or fake photos. They like a uniform style that has recognition value.

3. Tell a true story

Be honest. Stand by your values and do not change between today you are an animal lover and 100% vegan and tomorrow you support a leather shoe company. Also, do not be shy to show mistakes and weaknesses, it is human.

4. Be transparent

Be transparent. Transparency builds trust. For example, show behind the scenes in your Insta stories.

5. Plan your content

Plan your content a little bit ahead. Apps such as Plann or Later will help you with that.

6. Engage with your audience and build a community

You want to build a loyal community, then engage with them. Reply to comments, questions, and direct messages. Always keep your voice nice and professionally.

7. Mark paid postings

Being transparent also means that you clearly mark paid postings as such.

8. Never buy followers

Read our article “5 reasons why buying followers is not ethical” here.

9. Use Insta pods wisely

We all know the problem of the new Instagram algorithm. And as we want to promote change we want to be heard and so we need to gain attention. In a more natural way to gain attention instead of using robots and auto tools, you could request your community in a facebook group if they want to share likes with you. It is not 100% natural as it does not come genuine but on a request. But still they exchange likes or comments to push the algorithm and because they want to support each other for some reason. Often they blog about the same topic like beauty or travels. We don´t like Insta pods as it does not help to build a community. Use Insta pods wisely.

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10. Use follow / unfollow practices carefully

Everyone knows the trick to follow and unfollow accounts to gain attention. Not only bloggers but brands do this. We here at MOCHNI have a tool where you can see who is unfollowing you and yes some popular companies do this. We see that this happens to MOCHNI often, too. Some accounts have followed and unfollowed MOCHNI like tens times. This behavior is not really cool for its reputation as the global ethical community is still not that big on Instagram and you know each other.

If you think some accounts are interested in your feed and you like to see their content and you would like to connect with these accounts, yes you may follow them, and of course, if you feel the content is not 100% in line what you expected, feel free to unfollow.

Some brave marketing teams use analytic tools for integral where they can see your followers follow / unfollow behavior and your growth. If you follow 100 times on one day and unfollow them on the next day, this tactic is obvious. If you feel fine with it, do it. But it won’t help you in the long run to build a genuine community. We rather recommend liking photos you love to see because those likes will never get lost to those accounts and you help them, too. Also, meaningful comments are very helpful to attract them and to engage with the community.

11. Never act disrespectful

Don´t screenshot disrespectful messages with visible names and publish them without asking. If you feel like sharing this, always strike through the names.

12. Don’t use auto robot tools for likes and comments

It is not allowed by Instagram and you will get blocked by Instagram.

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